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New! Build-your-own Chai Concentrate

Finally, a chai concentrate that lets you choose your sweetener and sweetness level. Like flavors? Replace your sweetener with chocolate, caramel, or vanilla.

All varieties offered in our natural Abaca fiber bags

Elevation Tea Company is located in the beautiful coastal town of Venice Florida. Founded on the basis that tea should be natural as intended, we sought out to create a company that offers tea that is free from preservatives, colors, and added sugar. Our flavored tea is blended in small batches using only organic tea and natural flavoring often enhanced by blending herbs, spices, and fruit to create a burst of flavor not often found in organic flavored tea. After mastering the art of natural blending we set off to find the most unique single origin, fair trade tea offerings we could. We utilize small farms that provide jobs for women and teens in places like Kenya, Rwanda, and Colombia all of which provide a fair wage to their workers. Many of our tea has certifications such as organic, fair trade, rainforest alliance, Non-GMO.

Locally we are known for creating unique drinks using only our loose leaf tea to provide flavoring, giving you a fun and natural tea experience. Our drinks hand crafted are enjoyed by people of all ages offering caffeinated and non caffeinated options with the ability to customize sugar levels. We are passionate about what we do and strive to be trend setter in the tea industry. 

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