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Introducing a world first! Tea from the region of Mount Everest! Experience this one-of-a-kind collection from Bhakanje in Solukhumbu, the home of Mount Everest. Elevate your tea collection with the essence of the mountains.


Top of the World Tea is grown in the highest tea gardens in the world making this tea a super rare tea find. The crisp air from the tallest mountain has nurtured these tea leaves, imparting a unique and delicious flavor.


With every farmer contributing to a single batch of super rare and reserved amounts of tea leaves, Bhakanje Tea Estate produced four batches of black tea in 2022 with plans to continue growing and sharing the flavors of the Nepali mountains with the world.


As expected from such a uniquely grown tea, Everest Monsoon packs layers of intriguing complexity with every sip. Take off on your own journey with notes of dried peaches and pacans as the cooling effect of pine takes over your senses. 


Everest Monsoon, Organic

  • Tasting Notes

    Aroma: Sweet, Cooling

    Body: Medium-bodied

    Flavor Profile: Dried Peaches, Pecans, Pine

  • Steeping Instructions

    Traditional Western Brewing

    • Use 6- 8 ounces of water heated to 212º

    • Add 1 teaspoon or 1 teabag to the hot water

    • Steep for 4 minutes and remove leaves


    Traditional Eastern Gaiwan Brewing

    2-3 grams

    3 infusions at 1 minute each

  • Caffeine Level

    Black  60-75mg

    Matcha  60-80mg

    Oolong  30-45mg

    Green  15-30mg

    White  10-15mg

    Purple 10-15mg

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